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NYC STREET INVITATIONAL: DAY 4, “Better LATE than NEVER” Edit by Cesar Macay A.K.A. “THE MAN”

s. engler August 23, 2011 Contest, Video 2 Comments

Back ONLINE, finally! I’m writing these words on a MASS TRANSIT bus to work this morning. As I type, the Guys from Arizona (j. jenkins, j. davis, & j. johnson) are most definitely wondering the city trying to figure out why I woke them up so freaking early and kicked them out of my place, HAHAHA. NO SLEEP FOR THE WICKED! Anyways, the NYC Invitational is officially over for us, here at, today. We tried to roll out updates consistently, but the biggest error of our plan is that, well, WE ARE BLADERS! BLADING IS IN OUR BLOOD! Just cause the “ACTUAL” competition was over didn’t mean the BLADING was going to STOP (or the PARTIES). I guess we could have been sitting at home figuring out what to write, who to get to do our jobs for us, and being just plain lazy; but a SESSION is a SESSION and we are IN IT TO WIN IT! Bitches ain’t sh1t but hoes and tricks; I’m not referring to the ladies either. We represented all weekend. Bladed EVERYDAY, took PHOTOS everyday, FILMED everyday, and unfortunately had a total of 24 (4 hours per day) hours of sleep over the course of the comp, which for us started last Wednesday and ended yesterday(as previously stated). So, I hope everyone understands that this break means you can expect many GLORIOUS updates of the finest caliber. Sorry we didn’t sit at home waiting for our material to be delivered to us, hope you understand ;-) NOW, enjoy this little gem(EDIT) that CESAR MACAY of has thrown together! Did I mention that we are all BLADERS here at If you don’t know what we are or who we are I suggest you do some research. It’s not that hard to figure out who we are, who we support, & what we do. SINCERELY!
-s. engler

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  1. jamie August 23, 2011 at 11:10 am

    the best edit of the invitational yet all cause of the filming and the song!

  2. Jon Jenkins August 23, 2011 at 3:33 pm


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