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ON THE ROAD: Florida Tour with Chris Dafick

s. engler September 22, 2011 Headlines, Photo 2 Comments

After a crazy week in Florida for the Pow-wow a few homies and I ended up driving around spot to spot in hopes of getting some sweet pics. You will see more of them shortly but Dafick is an up and coming in BLADER with sick solid style and good friendly intentions. HAHA!

p.s check out Shredweiser


There is only one way to some up the crazy week in florida with the low life crew and the rest of the flock……

REGARDLESS from Brandon Negrete on Vimeo.

This is the first teaser for the new blade video by Brandon Negrete, “Regardless”.
Chris Haffey
Andrew Jacuzzi
Keaton Newsom
Erik Stokley
Erik Bailey
Kruise Sapstien
Chris Dafick
Ross Kuhn
Jeff Stockwell
and Jon Jon Bolino

available July 2011. for more info please visit

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  1. Erick Garcia October 11, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    and Dafick rides flat too! holding it down in Oakland, CA with all the hood rats! haha Shredweisin all over that ass ked!

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