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VIDEO: Val Vera (HAPPY B-DAY!) Edit by Cesar Macay

s. engler October 28, 2011 Video 2 Comments

words: c. macay • edit: c. macay

Val Vera 2011 Summer/Fall Edit from skatelife.TV on Vimeo.

Filmed and Edited By Cesar Macay

Additional Filmer: Jon Lopez

Finally after filming little by little throughout our travels, summertime going into fall, myself and Val have come up with this edit to show to you all. Another notch in the headboard will be added to the other edits I have sent your way. Val is one of the biggest reasons why I love editing. I did his first skate edit, which was also my first, with a tiny home video camera and iMovie. Happy B-DAY VAL, you are the man and always will be.

-Cesar Macay

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