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ON THE ROAD: BCSD XII… CairoTradeCo… Shenanigans…

s. engler February 23, 2012 Contest, On The Road 5 Comments

words: s. engler • photos: s. engler

Time FLIES when you’re on the road… So we decide to go HIGH as shit. The troops are rounded up and the event is burned into our retinas. We are wearing blinds and Bitter Cold XII is all we can see. BLOOD, SWEAT, & TEARS are in our future. This years DOG POUND is a blurry mix of BLADERS from all over the U.S. of Corporate GREED and the random GERMAN we acquired via a #winning game of RUSSIAN ROULETTE… All on the first furious leg of out trip to pick up Jeremy Beightol in Pittsburg, PA. Here is a little break down of the horses in the stable.

Kyle Solá – Savior of the trip. Renter of the WHIP. Lead Tour GUIDE. Sorry about the SUSPENDED license. Actually it’s kind of funny that a ticket I received during the 2011 NYC Invitational came back to bite me on the ASS last minute before BCSD XII. Coined the term “Don’t pull a Solá.”

Kyle Guilford – That guy from FLORIDA.. Yeah the dirtbag that wrote the best NYC Invitational story ever. We made sure to bring him back. I’m sure some sort of “regret” will be had about this decision. You the MAN!

Christian Delfino – Rocking out on camera before, during & after the BCSD.

Alex Ryerson – Roommate of the aforementioned and wrangler of the women. No funny stuff buddy. If you see the “RED & BLUES” I suggest you open the hatch, empty the drain, & get ready for a wild ride.

Moronie Moronie – Media Management EXTRAORDINAIRE… Heading the “Behind” the scenes action at CAIRO Trade Co. Wahoooooo! Bring IT!!!!!!

David Johns – Busting out the Blade SKILLS & then showing me that my photos suck and will never stack up to his. YOU BASTARD!

Wild Bill, a.k.a Mr. WET – Lead Gutiar, General Badass, & Road Warrior… Although I have yet to see him drive. I think we should probably be scared. On a similar note I am glad we actually made it out of the city after Solá had a slight automotive accident 15 minutes after we rented the car. Solá is now banned from using REVERSE! Yeah, Solá totally pulled a Solá.

Josh Diaz – PSYKO Clothing all the way. Designer, Collaborator & the mind behind the madness along with Beightol. I hear Mexico is nice this time of year… Don’t Germans come from Mexico? Speaking of Germans…

Dominik Wagner – Random German that happened upon us… Likes Fire, Bier & BLADING… For the record he DOES NOT like Nazis.

Jeremy Beightol – DOOM and GLOOM… since 1996.

AND Myself…

Shawn Engler – Skatelife.TV keeps me busy. I’m sure there are some other rather unfortunate opinions about me… Life goes on. Let’s BLADE.

Well that’s the crew of rag-a-ma-tags we have to offer on this trip. Stay tuned while we wade through the Northeast to our final destination where we will be adding a few more heads to the final count… i.e. Cesar Macay & Ryan Many on the VIDEO TIP. BITTER COLD SHOWDOWN! Wahooooo…..

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  1. Jon Jenkins February 24, 2012 at 3:07 am

    Ughhhh That crew is way too sick. Probably sicker then the whole contest. I would kill to be in the van right now, even if we weren’t going anywhere.

  2. Trace February 24, 2012 at 8:02 am

    Likewise. This should get weird.

  3. Crasso February 24, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    love this shitttt,, amazing life style

  4. Blake Taylor February 24, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Good lord, talk about a Motley Crue. I wanna be there.

  5. sengler February 25, 2012 at 2:17 am


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