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SPOT CHECK: NYC Part 2of2 by Kyle Solá with Dominik Wagner

s. engler March 2, 2012 Photo, Spot Check 2 Comments

words: k. solá • photos: s. engler


We get to the intersection of Prince and Mott St, and start scouring the area for signs of a ramp to skate. The neighborhood has crowded sidewalks, high end boutiques and expensive restaurants, with no sign of a space that would hold a ramp. We walk up and down the block until we decide to go into the blue lit hallway of Performa 11, a performance institute, thinking that someone there might be able to lead us in the right direction. When asked, the apathetic worker at the front desk just pointed into the courtyard and handed Dominik and I a waiver to share. We looked at each other in disbelief, signed it and walked into the space to find a half pipe sitting empty in the outdoor space. The find was unreal, the New Visual Arts Biennial was going on and we were able to skate one of the “sculptures” as people walked by, looking at the exhibition that we had become a part of. It was, and still is hard to make sense of it all, but thats how New York is. The more you learn about this city, the more you realize how infinite and uncertain it really is. There is beauty behind every wall and around every corner, you just have to be open to find it.


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