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BLADE EDIT: Two Day NYC Blade Bender With PASCAL TAN by Cesar Macay

s. engler August 7, 2012 Video 3 Comments

words: h. todd • filmed/edited: c. macay

So, Ces and I were chillin’ one day when Moronie from skatelife.TV hit up Cesar to see if he was available to film “this kid from Europe.” We hadn’t heard much about him, so after some questions and searching online we found Pascal Tan. From his previous edits we immediately realized that this 18 year old from Amsterdam could really skate, and we were psyched to see how he’d perform in person. Pascal only had 48 hours to film before flying back to the Netherlands, and with little time left in New York we took him anywhere we could think of that was easily accessible and relatively close together. Trust that anywhere we went Pascal would skate without hesitation. We’d get to a spot, he’d do his trick(s) and then say, “Next Spot!” and of course we’d be on to the next one. Not only is Pascal a great and upcoming skater that will surely excel during the next few years, he is also one of the most genuine, appreciative, and friendliest person that I’ve met in a while. I’m extremely happy to say that I skated, housed, skitched, and made memories with him during his time in NYC. Here’s to Pascal…and as for you New York: Can you do what he did in 2 days? Put yourself to the test.

- Hannah

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  1. SummerEve August 8, 2012 at 3:35 am

    Nice one! You can share it on, the main Dutch Rollerblading website, if you want?

  2. Boobie March 18, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    I was just wondering how long you have been skating Hannah?

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