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SPOT CHECK: Brooklyn, NY in the MNFN’ Rain by Kyle Guilford

s. engler July 23, 2013 Spot Check 1 Comment

words: k. guilford • photos: s. engler

“It cant rain all the time” but when it does that shit sucks. It can bring a productive well flowing day to a halt, not just for skating but in everyday life in general. Everybody knows there are few things that come with the rain, dangerous roads, wet clothes, bad traffic, muddy floors…. inconvenience. Only kids like playing in the rain seriously, if your not eight years old stomping in puddles, you better be a busty actress about to get slashed up on a Saturday night horror marathon on cable. The only thing good about  the rain is sleep and the rare opportunity to nail some one on the side walk with a puddle on the side of the road in your car. Nobody is ever sorry when they do that to someone, or at least I never am. Which brings me back to my point being in the open rain is just plain shitty. However, it does make a good suspense builder in movies and adds good contrast to a photo. Sometimes when you’re out skating the weather can creep up and turn all bullshit on ya. That’s when you fold your cards, pack it up and call it a day -OR- you can man up, play the cards you were delt and bring home all the chips,”wet and unfavorable but none the less a chance at the chips.” In this case the chips are Badass photos and Blader GLORY. These two tried to wait out the rain but it was pretty well set in. Dirt, grim, sludge, rain, and a traffic filled street full of on lookers….. No problem. This puppy needed no wax, she was ready to go all natural just a little rain lube that’s all. Ol’ Dirty Bastard, R.I.P, always liked “IT RAW.” A few trial and error runs at this tricky bitch was all it took to get her wet and ready. No little kids stomping in puddles, this was two dudes handling business stomping mud holes….”in this spots face.” Way to bring home the bacon, rolling on some busted ass bearings. Good Shit.

-Kyle Guilford

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