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INSIGHTS: Two Months in USA ft. Michael Pedersen

s. engler August 19, 2013 INSIGHTS 1 Comment

words: m. pedersen • copy edit: m. moronie • photos: Casper_Cordua • film/edit: m. pedersen • Austin Leleu • JLyn Ortiz • Fritz Peitzner • Gregory Prestön

I was sick and tired of the cold winter in Denmark, so I decided that I needed to get away. I got online and went on to purchase a round trip ticket from Copenhagen to New York. When I arrived in NYC, Moronie from skatelife.TV asked if I was interested in being featured on their new website. No one has ever asked me about something like that before, so of course I said yes!

So for the skatelife.TV feature, my plan was to get at minimum one clip in every city I went to. A day before going to California I injured my heel really bad and I could barely skate. But, hey I chose to deal with it and get those clips. In California I went to the “Them Goods” Shop and saw the Valo v13 and at first sight I knew I had to get them. So Jon Julio himself sold them to me, and apparently I was the first to buy them.

After Cali, I eventually made it out to Florida for the Panhandle Pow Wow, then Texas for the Austin Street Competition. Eventually I made it back to NYC, then my final stop was in Philadelphia before going home to a beautiful Danish Spring.

Shout out to all my friends who helped me with the friendly hospitality and to all the new Homies that I met through Blading! I enjoyed the time in USA very much. Thanks to all of you!!! Peace.

-Michael Pedersen

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